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Fusionadora de fibra optica con bueno calidad y precio competitivo
Fusionadora de fibra optica con bueno calidad y precio competitivo
$ 4.000 / ud
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Fusionadora de fibra optica con bueno calidad y precio competitivo

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$ 4.000 /unidad
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Fusionadora de fibra optica con bueno calidad y precio competitivo

product description
Techwin Fibre Optic Splicing Machine tcw-605c ( One Year Warranty )

Fibre splicing machine tcw-605c fusion splicer adopts high-speed image processing technology and special precision- positioning technology,automatically finish the whole process of fiber fusion in 8 seconds typically, tft lcd monitor displays all steps of fiber fusion clear at a glance.

Widely used for sm and mm Quartz Fiber with diameter 80-150μm, coating layer diameter 0.1-1.0mm and bare fiber length 16mm more or less.

Ideal tools for construction and maintenance of fiber and cable in both field and laboratory applications.
Support Chinese, Japanese, Germany, Spanish, Russian, Korea, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish

Splicing machine Tcw-605c with three advantages:

--Suitable for 0.25mm bare fiber, 0.9mm buffered fiber, Splice on Connector, Flat ftth ---Fiber Cable(Drop Cable), clamp Change free(The First, Unique in the world)

--Button and Menu is same as fsm-60s, in accord with the habit of usage

--One Step Fiber Cleaver with Automatic Blade Rotation (The First, Unique in China)

Techwin Fibre Optic Splicing Machine tcw-605c ( One Year Warranty )

--pas image digital processing system,core or clad alignment is optional;

--The arc is calibrated by the environmental parameters as temperature and pressure;

--Variety display group,the Maximum image magnification is 300;

--Typical splicing time is 8 seconds,30 seconds heating;

--Intelligence operate,auto heat or work when open the shield;

--High definition 5.7' colorful lcd;

--Hight to 4000 groups fusion records can be stored;

--High capacity,plug battery,long work time;

--Multilingual machine

Fiber Types sm(Single mode), mm (Multimode), DS(Dispersion shifted fiber), nzds(Non zero dispersion shift, g655 fiber)
Cable Types Suitable for 0.25mm bae fiber,0.9mm buffered fiber,splice on connector,Flat ftth Fiber Cable(Drop Cable),Clamp Chande Free
Average splicing loss 0.02dB(Single mode), 0.01dB(Multimode), 0.04 dB(DS)0.04 dB(nzds)
SplicingTime Typecial Splicing time:8s
Heating Time Typical heating time:30s
Return Loss 60dB or greater
Fiber Cladding 80-150um
fiber Coating 100-1000um
Fiber Cleaver Length 8-16mm(coated optical fiber diameter<250um);16mm(Standard) Or 8-16mm(Optional),Coated optical fiber diameter 250-1000um
Program 10 units factory setting sm program. 10 units factory setting mm program,30 units user setting sm program. 30 units user setting mm program
Align Mode Advanced Profile Alignment System(pas)
Storage 4000 results
Data Transmisson usb Port
Heater Build-in tube heatee,auto Hear Mode
Heat-Shrinkable Tuba 40mm,60mm and a series of micro Heat-Shrikable Tubing
Screen Display Two cmos Cameras, 5.6 inch 640*480 tft lcd, core of the fiber is clearly visible
Lighting foe Constructiion Built-in super High-Brightness led supply convenience for night work
Optical magnification The x and y axes independent display, magnification of 300 times; Or the x/y axis shows at the same time, magnification of 150 times.
Work Mode Automatic,Manual
Power Supply Alterating Current:100-240 50Hz/60Hz 30w,Direct current:13.5v/4.5a.Build in 11.1v Li-ion battery charger
Palabras clave: Fiber splicers , empalmadoras , emplamadora , fusionadora , fusionadora s
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Fusionadora de fibra optica con bueno calidad y precio competitivo

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