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Big Promotion Actinity for Cristmas of Diode Laser + Elight 2 Handles Machine
Big Promotion Actinity for Cristmas of Diode Laser + Elight 2 Handles Machine
$ 6.300 / ud
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Big Promotion Actinity for Cristmas of Diode Laser + Elight 2 Handles Machine

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$ 6.300 /unidad
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Big Promotion Actinity for Cristmas of Diode Laser + Elight 2 Handles Machine

Big Promotion Actinity for Cristmas of Diode Laser + Elight 2 Handles Machine

810nm System uses the unique laser with long pulse width 810nm to penetrate into hair follicle.
Using the theory of selective optical absorption, laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair. And then the hair shaft and hair follicle are heated rapidly in order to destroy the oxygen-supply organization of and around the hair follicle. The system's unique super-cooling technology could bring about certain anesthetic effect to the epidermis with the output of the laser. Therefore, it could protect the skin from being hurt. As a result, a very safe and effective treatment is realized.

Advantage of Diode Laser Hair Removal:
1. Suitable for any color of hair;
2. Suitable for all of skin type (ⅰ, ⅱ, ⅲ, iv, v, vi);
3. Diode laser hair removal-Safe, Fast, high efficiency ;
4. International Hair Removal Standard;
5. Permanent hair removal, from German semiconductor laser Module.

Characteristics of the Diode Laser System:
1. The optimal laser wavelength
The 810nm near infrared laser of Terminator Hair Removal System is best for absorbing melanin
so that it can be applied to different parts and depth of the hair follicle to remove any type of the hair effectively.

2. Long laser pulse width
The laser pulse duration of Terminator Hair Removal System is 10ms to 1400ms adjustable, which can impose effective treatments according to different hair to realize permanent hair removal.

3. No pigmentation. Suitable for any kind of skin.
Mb810 hair removal system uses the most advanced technology that penetrates
deeper than before so that the skin could absorb less laser and there is no pigmentation.

4. Sapphire contact cooling system can make the treatment safer and no harm to the skin.
The temperature of skin can be arrive at 0~5°c
Sapphire contat cooling system of Terminator hair removal equipment can ensure the doctor could use the maximum energy but not to hurt normal skin. This cooling system can make sure no hurt to the skin when patients are given more pressure. It is reported that the pressure can increase 30%-40% of the luminous energy.

5. The squared big spot size can prompt the treatment speed.
Mb810 uses big squared spot size of 20mm which could ensure high effeciency and fast speed when excuting the treatment of large area hair removal. Because the spot size is big, it could avoid repeated treatment.

Diode Laser for: Hair Removal of all skin type and hair type;
Elight with 5 filters for:
- 480nm-- Vascular Therapy
- 530nm-- Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal
- 590nm-- pigment therapy, acne treatment
- 640nm-- Hair removal
- 690nm-- For removal of small hairs

Laser Type: Semiconductor Elight + diode laser
e-light handle: 12*30mm,15X35mm or 15*50mm
Energy: 1-50j/cm2(Elight)
Lamp longevity: 100, 000shots
Laser wavelength: 810nm
Spot size(Optical Window): 10*16mm
Energy Density (Fluence): 10~150j/cm2 adjustable
Laser Bar: 6 pieces
Power: 2000w
Pulse width: 10ms~140 0ms
Repetition Frequency: 1Hz~20Hz
Cooling System: Sapphire ChillTip™ contact cooling style
Beam Type: Collimated
Skin Cooling way: tec + Sapphire
Palabras clave: Diode Laser , Elight , Hair removal , Laser de Diode , elight hair removal
ID producto: 3854128 | Vendido por BEIJING MEDICAL BEAUTY COMMERCE Ltd
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