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Vacuum Roller + rf + led + 940nm Light, Rodillo de vacío
Vacuum Roller + rf + led + 940nm Light, Rodillo de vacío
$ 3.500 / ud
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Vacuum Roller + rf + led + 940nm Light, Rodillo de vacío

  • Tiempo de entrega:3 días
$ 3.500 /unidad
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Vacuum Roller + rf + led + 940nm Light, Rodillo de vacío

Infrared laser reduces skin impedance by heating skin and rf energy penetrates
deeply into connective tissue.
The synergistic combination of infrared laser and conducted energies increase
the oxygen intracellular diffusion by heating the skin.
Vacuum plus specially designed rollers manipulate leas rf penetration to be even
5-15mm. At the same time, vaccum and roller mechanical tissue manipulation nips
and stretches fibrillar connective tissue, effectively breaks down subcutaneous fat
as well as extruded capillary vessel. Increase lymphatic drainage, promotes
metabolism and reduces or shrinks the size of the actual fat and greatly improved
body contouring effect.

The technology that vacuum folds skin makes rf energy penetrate a specific
folded skin, greatly improve effect and safely, even for the upper eyelid area


Body shaping, Body slimming, body circumference reduction, body contouring,
weight loss, weight reduction, Cellulite Treatment, skin tightening, wrinkle removal
Skin surface smooth, massage, eyelid area treatment

Skin-tightening and wrinkle removal----The infrared light and radio frequency can heat up the target tissue in the deep layer of the skin for proliferating the collagen and improving the blood circulation to tighten the loose skin of face and eyes round and removal the wrinkles.
Body shaping:High Frequency radio can heat up the fattiness of 5-15mm, enhance the spread of oxygen molecules, and improve the cells material exchange, promote the fat metabolism, so the water and glycerin re-distribute; infrared light to increase the flexibility of the skin, under the protection of the skin, it heat subcutaneous fat; Mechanical rolling vacuum increase the blood supply, and promote the release of the enzymes during the metabolism of fat tissue.
Cellulite removal--- High frequency Radio frequency, which work together with the rolling vacuum suction can improve the blood circulation and increase the oxygen of the blood in targeted area. The lymphatic system will eliminate the waste and cure the fibrosis cellulite.

The heat can deep into the subcutaneous tissue to act the fibroblast of the connective tissue and restoring the collagen and elastic fibers.

Advantages of the Machine

- Bipolar Radio frequency (rf, 10MHz)Delivery: with the power of 50 w, penetrate the deeper skin up to 15mm, precisely controls the volume of tissue heated.
- Infrared light:to proliferate collagen, improve blood circulation, reached the good efficacy of whitening and flexibility.
- Mechanical rollers and vacuum suctionto manipulate the superficial fat tissue layer that contributes to cellulite, the heat from the light and rf energies increases metabolism of this fatty layer and shrinks the size of fat cells. The mechanical rollers and vacuum suction act on the blood vessels to increase circulation to the local area, as well as massaging the skin to achieve a smoother, less dimpled surface appearance.
- No Downtime:Innovative SynShape technology bypasses the epidermis so patients can immediately return to normal activities
- Easy:Intuitive touch screen interface with computerized treatment presets facilitates treatment for all users, from novice to experienced
Palabras clave: 940nm Light , Led , Rodillo de vacío , Vacuum Roller , shaping
ID producto: 3853921 | Vendido por BEIJING MEDICAL BEAUTY COMMERCE Ltd
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