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Plasma slotted liner
Plasma slotted liner
$ 1.000 / ud
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Plasma slotted liner

  • Cantidad mínima:100 unidades
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$ 1.000 /unidad
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Plasma slotted liner

Characteristics of Plasma Slotted Liner:

Structural characteristics——compound cavity

Every slot from outside to inside of the pipe consists of trapezoidal slot similar to rectangle with outsidenarrow and inside wide, transitional arc and another trapezoidal slot with one large angle.The outsidetrapezoidal slot is similar to rectangle whose thickness is 2~3mm. The angle of outside trapezoidal slotis very small, which weakens the corrosion ratio of oil with sand and therefore prolongs the servicelife of screen pipe. Because of the large angle of inside trapezoidal slot, the flow resistance of crudeoil caused by the slot can be greatly reduced, which improves the efficiency of oil production. Plasma
slotted liner has the advantage of "self-cleaning"

Slot surface characteristics——better abrasion resistance and inoxidizability

When the plasma blaze with high frequency and temperature is processing the base pipe, the waterbasecompound operating fluid produces electrolytic dissociation and thermal decomposition, whoseproduction reacts with external metal material of liner.The surface of liner is simultaneously heated bythe plasma blaze with high frequency. Consequently there generates a 0.1-0.2mm hardening and antiseptic layer on the processed surface of liner which can effectively prompt the abrasion resistance and inoxidizability of the slot.

Fig 2. The transversemetallograph
reinforcement of plasma slotted liner Fig 3. The section view of the slot
surface of plasma slotted liner

Slot processing characteristics——high accuracy of slot width

The slot width shows high accuracy and the tolerance is 0.03mm. The smooth surface can be Ra 1.6 μm.

Fig 4. The surface profile of plasma
slotted liner Fig 5. The surface profile of laser
slotted liner

Application characteristics——self cleaning effect

Self cleaning effect is generally attributed to trapezoid slot shape, narrow at the surface and increasing in width at the interior, and the slot surface is smooth, which lets fine sands or shale easily enter without plugging. The larger sands blocked will sink as result of gravity to form permeable sand bridge to achieve the effects of external gravel pack.
Palabras clave: casing , screen pipe , slotted liner , slotted screen , well screen
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Plasma slotted liner

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