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Super Shot Throw 2500 lumen projector for school
Super Shot Throw 2500 lumen projector for school
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Super Shot Throw 2500 lumen projector for school

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Super Shot Throw 2500 lumen projector for school

Super Shot Throw 2500 lumen projector
All lights on inside 50-Persons' room.

Our Advantages
● Project 80 inches image at a distance of 1 meter.

● 2500 lumens (Bright and Visible enough for a 50-people Class Room while All Lights on.

● It generates Big bright image at Limited space.

● 2000:1 Contrast Ratio (Sharper image)

● Special dlp Color Technology for more digital clarity

● Automatically compensate for changing ambient light conditions to deliver much brighter image

● Vivid, high contrast image even with ambient light

● Built in Speakers 2w x 2

● People don't block the projection view

● Eliminate Shadows virtually

● Eliminate eyestrain : as light does not shine directly into presenters' eyes

● Big plus for teachers who might use projectors all day long!

● Space saving: Helpful in rear setups with tight space

● High performance: Short distance generate brighter image.

● Works well in the classroom, boardroom, exhibition and at home.

● hdmi / 3d ready/High Definition 800p

● Network-ready

How to select Short Throw Projector
● At 60-inches Image, what is the distance between Projector and Screen?

- The shorter distance; the more expensive the projector.

- The better image quality (like sharp, homogenous brightness…);
the more expensive the projector.

● a good guideline is that as price increases, you can move the projector closer to the screen without reducing the quality of the projected image.

"Applications ( Super Short Throw projector
(80"" @1meter model: sst2500 ):
"● Who needs Big bright image at Limited space like school, business and home :

- Classrooms
- Home theatres

- Conference rooms, such as in hotels

- Advertising stands and booths at exhibitions

●Teachers can use all day without eyestrain as strong light doesn't shine directly into the eyes

●People don't block the projection. "

(1)Native Resolution:xga 1024x768
(2)Aspect Ratio:4:3 & 16:10
(3)Light source:osram p-vip 230w
(4)Brightness :>2500 Lumens
(5)Contrast :2000:1
(6)Lamp life:"Normal: 3,000 hrs
Eco: 5,000 hrs"
(7)Projection size (diagonal):30" ~ 300"
(8)Projection distance:0.37m ~ 3.78m
(9)"Electronic Interface
(Input)":"vga In x 1
Composite x 1
Rj-45 x 1
3.5 mm Audio x 1
(10)"Electronic Interface
(Output)"vga Out x 1
(11)Frequency (hor. / vertical):"Horizontal: 15k~82kHz
Vertical: 50~85 Hz"
(12)Input signals :480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, vga, svga, xga, sxga, wxga, uxga
(13)Power supply:Normal 250w, Stand by <1w.
(14)Speaker:2w x 1
(16)Dimensions (WxHxD):124mm x 329 mm x 268 mm
(17)Weight:<3.5kgs (better)
* means: Not Available (n/a)
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Super Shot Throw 2500 lumen projector for school

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