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2,2000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack most reliable High-Capacity battery bank
2,2000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack most reliable High-Capacity battery bank
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2,2000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack most reliable High-Capacity battery bank

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2,2000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack most reliable High-Capacity battery bank

Charge your Notebook/Laptop pc Safely from our
Real 2,2000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack _ most reliable High-Capacity battery bank.

 a odm factory for Japan Company which is the biggest Energizer Distributor.
 It is sold at us$248/unit in jp which is a very hot-selling product.
 It fully meets jp professional battery distributor's high quality standard.
 Its performance, safety and durability make it popular to high-end users.
 Elegant outlook & Convenient operation results in continuous hot selling!.

Who needs it.
1. Need charge Notebook pc、Tablet pc、Smart Phone…Safely and Durably.
2. For outdoor users, unstable electricity environment、electricity shortage area.
3. Natural disasters、Rescue Activities、Military、Night market sellers
Outdoor adventurers and so on… as a mini ups for important devices

This product is a high-capacity external battery that can be power supply within one second when Power Failure.

Can be power supply of smart phones and notebook computers, and a variety of mobile devices.

Output is compatible to usb 5v, (2.1a), 12v (2a), 19v to (3.5a), You can utilize it during a power of trouble such as emergency or power failure up of operating time.

Power Failure Solution

If the power failure and power supply from the ac adapter is stopped,

the battery will equipped to start output from the battery in about one second. This product is design for Power shortages season, you can utilize as a power supply and emergency power outage in hot summer.

This product equipped with the output port usb 5v (2.1a), 12v (2a), 19v of (3.5a), can supply power to 3 devices at once.
This is very useful when you want to reduce the luggage such as travel or business trip, it is possible to charge a variety of devices with one product.
[ use 3 ports at once]---- iPhone(usb), portable tv (12v), Notebook (19v)
※ The total max output of this product is 65w.

This product has a built-in high-capacity lithium-ion polymer 22,000 mAh battery (3.7v), it is possible to operate laptop around 8 hours ※.
You can use it at ease even in places ensure the power supply is difficult such as business destination and conference room.

※ Use 10 inch lcd notebook with Atom cpu consecutive playing the screen saver

Available to use various 12v power supply devices
such as portable dvd and portable tv, WiFi routers, network cameras, wireless disaster prevention, and radio and cassette player.

The personal belongings, the home electronic appliances that run on 12v are various. You can utilize it in various ways in the place that without power supply or outdoor
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Palabras clave: Battery Pack , Li-Polymer , High-Capacity battery bank. , battery bank. , power bank
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  • Modificado por el vendedor 20/03/2014
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