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Fujikura 60s Fusion Splicer Fibre Splicing Machine FIber Splicers tcw-605c
Fujikura 60s Fusion Splicer Fibre Splicing Machine FIber Splicers tcw-605c
$ 5.000 / ud
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Fujikura 60s Fusion Splicer Fibre Splicing Machine FIber Splicers tcw-605c

  • Tiempo de entrega:3 días
$ 5.000 /unidad
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Fujikura 60s Fusion Splicer Fibre Splicing Machine FIber Splicers tcw-605c

The World's Fastest and Easiest Ribbon Fusion Splicer tcw-605c

The First & Professional Manufacturer in China

Equal to or better than Fujikura fsm-60s or Sumitomo Type-39

Features: tcw-605c Optical fiber Splicing Machine \\

Pas image digital processing system,core or clad alignment is optional;

The arc is calibrated by the environmental parameters as temperature and pressure;

Variety display group,the Maximum image magnification is 300;

Typical splicing time is 8 seconds,30 seconds heating;

Intelligence operate,auto heat or work when open the shield;

High definition 5.7' colorful lcd;

Hight to 4000 groups fusion records can be stored;

High capacity,plug battery,long work time;

Multilingual machine

Teachnical parameters:

Application of optical fiber:Single mode (itu-t g.652), multimode (itu-tg.651), dispersion shifted (itu-tg.653), non-zero dispersion shifted (itu-tg.655) and other smf including itu-tg657 fibers
Cable Types :Suitable for 0.25mm bare fiber, 0.9mm buffered fiber, Splice on Connector, Flat ftth Fiber Cable(Drop Cable),Clamp Change Free
Average Splicing Loss:0.02dB with g.652 and g.657, 0.01dB with g.651 and 0.04dB with g.653 and g.655
Typical splicing time:8s
Typical heating time:30s
Return Loss:60dB or greater
Fiber Coating:100μm to1000μm
Fiber Cladding:80μm to 150μm
Fiber Cleave Length:8~16mm(coating diameter<250µm), 16mm(coating diameter 250~1000µm)
Program:10 units factory setting sm program,10 units factory setting mm program, and 30 units user setting sm program,30 units user setting mm program
Align Mode:Advanced profile alignment system(pas)
Storage:4000 results
Data Transmission:usb port
Heater:Built-in tube heater, auto Heat Mode.
Heat-Shrinkable Tube:40mm,60mm and a series of micro Heat-Shrinkable Tubing
Screen Display:Two cmos cameras,5.6 inch 640*480 tft lcd, core of the fiber is clearly visible
Lighting for Construction:Built-in super High-brightness led supply convenience for night work
Magnifications:300x for single x or y view,300x for x and y view(left/right),150x for x and y view(up/down)
Work mode:Automatic, Manual
Power Supply:Alternating Current:100-240 50Hz/60Hz 30w, Direct current:13.5v/4.5a Built in 11.1v Li-ion battery charger and ac adaptor
Battery Life:Support 220 cycles( splicing and tube heating)on one charge(3.5hours) at least
Battery Lifetime:Cycle life up to 300~500 times, replaceable
Tension Test:2n
Electrode Lifetime:>4000 times, replaceable
Operating Temperature:-25°c ~ 50°c
Storage Temperature:-40°c ~ 80°c
Relative Humidity:0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Work Altitude:0~5000 meters above sea level
Instrument Weight:2.3kg (no battery) with ac/dc adapter, 2.8kg(including battery),
Dimensions(l x w x h):160mm 150mm 145mm
Package g.w/n.w:10.0/9.0kg
Package (l x w x h):620mm 420mm 360mm

Standard package:

Arc Fusion Splicer, Carrying Case, High Precision Fiber Cleaver, Tri-hole Fiber Coat Stripper, ac Adapter/Battery Charger, Battery Charger Cord, Battery Pack, Spare Electrodes(one pair), Blower Brush, v-groove Cleaning, Quick Reference Guide, Video Instruction Manual, Cooling Tray, Alcohol Dispenser, Monitor Coating, Monitor Cover, usb Cable.
Palabras clave: Fusion Splicers , Splice machine , Splicing Machine , fiber fusion splicer , optical fiber splicer
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