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pistola de mesoterapia
pistola de mesoterapia
$ 800 / ud
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pistola de mesoterapia

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pistola de mesoterapia

Leadergun is the most innovative and really fully automatic mesogun with an amazing anti-leakage system, specific dose for any treatment, 3 pre-set programs and 9 to can save, colour lcd, Luer Lock adapter, lithium battery, luxury finitures (Bayblend, chrome, pu coating on the handle to improve the stability of the touch).

Skin stability
When performing injections manually usually there is some skin movement before the skin allows needle penetration. This is significantly reduced with the soft Leadergun® skin stabilizer. It helps to stabilize the skin and prevent movement at the time of injection therefore reducing the pain perceived by the patient.

Needle Vibration

Needle vibration at the time of injection typically depends on the doctor's technique and hand stability. Leadergun®, thanks to its innovative features, avoids any possible risk of needle vibrations. The needle is fixed steadily in its own seat in order that the syringe can't move back and forth. Less movement not only allows the needle to be more stable at the time of skin puncture, but also causes less trauma to the skin at the time of penetration. For the patient this means less pain and less irritation, so allowing treatment of more sensitive areas, such as face or scalp.

Speed of needle

The speed of penetration is the feature that makes the difference in patient pain's perception. Of course the faster the needle penetrates the skin the less pain is perceived. This is one of the main reasons why doctors choose Leadergun®.


The handle is ergonomic, designed to improve comfort and so reducing meaningfully the effort of wrist and hand.

Flowrate and Accuracy

When the procedure is performed manually the quantity of product injected and the accuracy from one injection point to the next and from one treatment to another depend on the doctors' skill level and experience. Leadergun® is the right solution to this limit, thanks to its advanced automatic technology, which allows to set up parameters as the operator desires.


Anti-leakage System - No risk to waste product due to the inertia Step Motor Technology - Ensures accurate and precise injections On-board Software - Automatic depth adjustment and end-stroke detection Injection Mode - 3 different injections’ procedures: on continuous, burst or spot. Data storage system - 3 pre-set treatment programs and 9 to setup and save Back Colour Panel 1.5’’ - User-Friendly, to configure parameters easily according to operator’s needs Lock Adapter - Seat for male and female Luer Lock Protective Cover - To avoid any accidental risk of touching the syringe during the treatment Ergonomic - Evenly balanced and handle grip in order to minimize the operator’s effort Lithium-Ion Battery - Long lasting time, it can be charged by direct connection from the gun to the power cord

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